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Internal & External Challenges



  • Profitability due to revenue or cost drivers

  • Cash flow shortages

  • Capital funding to maintain or innovate

Processes, Policies & Procedures

  • Informal or aging

  • Incomplete documentation


  • Right resources or access issues

  • Inefficient usage

Employee Matters

  • Limited engagement

  • Difficulty hiring or high turnover

  • Unmanageable employee expectations

Strategy & Planning

  • Limited or ineffective long-term planning

  • Decision-makers lack common vision / goals

Change Management

  • Difficulty managing change

Evolving Markets

  • Customer needs or preferences

  • Technological advancements

  • Replacement products

Competitive Positioning

  • Relative scale, pricing, quality or location

  • Competitor upgrades or acquisitions


  • Restricting or strangling business

  • Local cost of doing business

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