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Professionalizing the Family Business
A Workshop Provided By:
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What is Professionalism?

An approach to managing your operating rhythms that is organized, clear and repeatable in order to effectively execute upon your company's big picture objectives.

What are the Benefits?

Improved organizational effectiveness


A healthier organization and culture


A more sustainable business model

Our Workshop


Through our workshop, we interact one-on-one with your family business participants, teaching you how to further "professionalize" your organization, while preserving the company's unique attributes, culture and history.

Areas Covered

Business & administrative functions, systems & processes, governance structure, organizational effectiveness, organizational health, change management, family dynamics and more.

Workshop Segments

Session 1: Key concepts of "professionalism" and the unique considerations in a family business.

Session 2:  A framework approach to determine current state, improvement areas and prioritization.

Session 3: Develop a roadmap to implement improvements while preserving your company's uniqueness.

Workshop Goal

The goal of the course is to help participants increase their effectiveness at executing upon their company's strategy. The ideal audience is family business owners, leaders and managers.


  • 9 hours of total course instruction for your team, broken into 3 sessions

  • Up to 8 of your employees

  • At your office or virtual sessions available


$6,000 flat fee​ (**with grant funding available for MA-based businesses)

  • **Our workshop is available through the MA Workforce Training Fund Program - Express program.

  • Up to $3,000 reimbursed per employee attending.

  • Know your eligibility quickly and BEFORE you decide (typically within 21 days from approval request).

  • Quick state reimbursement.

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