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Whether you founded your own company or lead a multi-generational business, decision-making often becomes personal.  We've been there.  We are committed to helping you create a more sustainable, profitable, healthier and adaptable organization within your unique competitive ecosystem.


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Romero Solutions Group - Problem Solving


At Romero Solutions Group, we solve problems at the unique intersection of family and business.  We leverage our deep knowledge of family businesses, strategy and business operations to help clients diagnose, plan and execute upon their change needs.

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When We Can Help

Common Business Situations

Romero Solutions Group - Common Business Situations

Planning & Goal Setting

How do I improve our strategic and/or operational planning process?


How do I improve our revenue profile or create cost efficiencies?

Organizational Sustainability

How do I create a more efficient and resilient business operating model beyond my own stewardship or a specific product lifecycle?


How do I develop new products or competitive strategies, and a business model that can support our expansion?

Exit or Transition Preparation

How do I formalize the planning process to maximize the chances of a viable exit or smooth generational transition?

Tactical Problem Solving

I need help addressing specific issues or inefficiencies related to processes, operations, specific P&L drivers, resources, capital and governance?

Organizational Needs

Romero Solutions Group - You Don't Have Enough Time
Romero Solutions Group - You need outside perspective
Romero Solutions Group - You need the right tools.


Your team's time is better spent on

existing operating rhythms

Outside Perspective

You want a fresh expert perspective on how best to adapt your organization

The Right Tools

You seek the right tools to efficiently identify and execute upon your change needs

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Our Value Proposition

A Powerful Combination

Romero Solutions Group - Value Proposition
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